Art without compromise If it comes to quality of Art - the artist has to stand to his art. You may like it or not but the artist knows what he or she is doing. Many many years of practising and trying new things the artist comes to a result which she or he wants to share. It is often not the mainstream but the artist has something to express.  All artists here have a similar goal - they stand for themselfs - Art without compromise. The same also for film music - we did music for more than 100 short and for one long film.
“Art is a gift to the mankind - but we have it to appreciate“ D. Ph. Stotz

Aki Kawazoe

virtuoso piano artist

Aki Kawazoe was born in Tokyo/Japan. She started to play the piano at the age of 4. She studied at the high school at the Univesity Of the Arts and then continued in Germany for the artistic diploma. Afterwards she also attended master courses with Prof. Heinz Kämmerling. As a soloist and chamber musician, she already had numerous performances in many Citys in Japan, Germany, France, Czech Republic. She has the extraordinary talent to play very energic with a lot of emotions - just so like the music should be. See some YouTube video See Good Wishes for Japan video

Daniel Philipp Stotz

piano / keyboards /


Born in Switzerland. He started to play the piano with 6. From the beginning the tendency to improvise and compose. From 1983 studies at the music high school in Graz/Austria classical music and Jazz piano. 1987 master course with Prof. Rudolf Kehrer. More than 2000 compositions so far in many different styles. In 2010 composing the piano concerto „The Blacksmith“ with a big orchestra. 2011 composing the piece „Good wishes for Japan“ that Aki Kawazoe premiered in Germany and Japan. Well known are also the recordings of Bach and Händel modular. See some YouTube video

Iveta Hejduková

dramatic soprano

Born in Liberec/Czech Republic. Her dramatic and very expressive voice is extraordinary. She never had the lucky to study on a professional music school - so just through her natural talent and some good teachers she get to her high professional level of singing. Her repertoire is big and she is able to sing any virtuoso part - f.e. Norma Bellini, Puccini Turandot, Verdi Aida… See some YouTube video
Daniel Philipp Stotz
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Handel Modular

Fireworks music

Complete recordings new december 2018 see music/Flash page see demo video