Daniel Philipp Stotz
Studio - Music/Film Production + composing
 mobil phone 00420 / 776 817 258
 e-mail: Daniel.Stotz@seznam.cz
4. Recording studios since 1980! This studio is specially for music productions and film scoring. Equipment: Soundcraft Spirit Studio 32/8/2 analog mixer KRK Rokit 10/3 monitors Apogee Ensemble, Mackie Blackbird interfaces 192/96 Lexicon Reverbs Roland Juno Gi, D110, Korg Triton LE, DW 8000, Synthesizers.com modular synthesizer YUSYNTH modular made by Pavel Vancura, Synthservis.cz Cubase Pro 9.5 and Logic Pro 9 for Mac Sibelius 6 for scoring DaVinici Resolve and Magix for video editing Neumann, AKG, Shure, Studio Projects, Joe Meek microphones Petrof P1 Orchestra concert grand 285 cm, 92 keys (with extended bass range, photo see below) Revox A77 and G36 analog tapes Panasonic Cameras Surround production on demand Panasonic cameras
What we do: Music recordings, especially piano recordings, Modular synthesizers recordings, voice recordings etc. For films: final sounds recordings, film music, final mastering of the sound. We made the music for at least 100 short films and one long film. Complete video production of music films, interviews etc, incl. cutting, editing etc. digitalisation of analog tapes with cleaning etc. Remastering analog or digital recordings
The Petrof P1 Orchestra from Black + White pianos

Here analog and acoustic are

still the kings of sound!

Panasonic MD10000 SD camera (for sale)
Cubase 9.5 Pro with dual monitors on Mac - for this program a must
Some CD of our music productions see Music/Flash page

Many videos since have nice images and colors but a bad audio quality!

For this reason they come to us.

We are trained over many years to hear and compose the right music for a film. We also clean the recorded audio and master the final mix. For this we use different programs, but mainly Cubase Pro 9.5. At the end we export the final mix and then send it to the customer or put it back to the video editing program for the final rendering. Depending on the lengh of the film it can take some hours only or also weeks/months if we have to compose for a whole film with the complete recordings. The prices are always individual and depending on complexity of the project and which instruments/programs will be used. Please ask for a quote. And please remember: quality takes time! We have also a lot of finished film music for your production - see under SOUNDSGATE.COM
Neumann SM 69 fantastic sound - still one of the best piano mics with MS technic