Daniel Philipp Stotz

Aki Kawazoe

plays in Germany

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No more Spotify,

iTunes, Amazon etc.

The CDs are now only

here directly available

I decided to take down all my releases on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon etc. The streaming is for classical music no solution because it is so miserable payed. I thank all of my costumers who buyed my CDs! All my music you can order from now on only here directly. Also available on Flash disk or SD- card. Prices and details on my CD/Flash page. Thank you for your understanding.
mobil phone +420 / 776 817 258
New piano compositons: „Wonderful Tokyo“ 15 pages - 5 movements, incl. thema and 10 variations, now available for 20.- EUR - demo page PDF

Daniel Philipp Stotz

Vernissage in Semily: 27.10.2017 Muzuem Semily At the honor of Pavel Tigrid for the exposure of the new sculpture of Tereza Pecinová. Daniel Philipp Stotz will play a special composed new piece. Details see Concerts page.
10.11.2017 Benefical concert for the reconstruction of the Buddistic center and monastery Rabten Choedarling Details see Concerts page
4.11.2017 Vernissage/ Nová Paka Andrea Komárkova - paintings Details see Concerts page