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As Artist Agency we offer a wide spectrum of music with our artists. Concerts so far in these countries: Japan, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland. Important point is the PIANO. Not so important is the brand but the quality and good shape! The (grand) piano has to be tuned for the concert or vernissage. If possible the artist should have the possibilty to test the piano some days or weeks before the concert. For the singer is the acoustic of the hall of great importance. Eventually it is necessary to amplify the voice. The lighting on stage should be suffisant for reading the scores. Before the concert the artist should have a possility to warm up at least one - two hours before the concert. This is a very important point and may improve the beginning of the concert! As painters need many years to come to the point of real painting - musicians need also many many years to play concerts and every day training. So these aritsts stands for ART - please keep in mind that also the payment has to be fair. Prices on request.
We offer these performances: 1. Solo piano concerts 2. chamber music  3. concert with soprano and piano 4. playing at Vernissages 5. Worldmusic with synthesizer and piano 6. piano and poetry 7. improvisations concerts 8. Classical music explained (Epoch concerts): Classical period, romantic period, impressionism, expressionism, Jazz, Worldmusic, Meditation music 9. Classical music perfomed on Synthesizer (needs special equipment and transport)
A interesting thing are the „Epoch concertos“ - classic music explained. 4 - 6 concerts in a series show the development of the classical music. 1. Classical period (Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven) 2. Romantic period (Schubert, Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff etc.) 3. Impressionism (Debussy, Ravel, Albeniz) 4. Expressionism and Folk music (Skrjabin, Prokofiew, Janáček, Martinů) 5. Meditation music and Worldmusic (Japan, Tibet, China etc.) 6. Jazz (Gershwin, Art Tatum, Herbie Hancock etc,) The important point: Daniel Philipp Stotz will not play works by these masters but IMPROVISE in their style.
Concert in Prague
Concert in Tokyo - Lutheran Center / Ichigaya
UFFO Trutnov/Czech Republic
World music concert / Semily
Concert in Semily / Czech Republic
Beneficial Concert in Liberec
Concert in Hamburg/Germany
Concert in Desná/Czech Republic
Poetry and piano concert
Epoch concerts - Classical music explained

next concerts 2018/19:

August 21. / Vernissage with film and music / 50 years remember Russian ocupation 1968, at the Museum Semily, beginning 17:00 hours September 27. Film festival FOKUS FEST/Semily, Svatý Václav (silent movie from 1929) I will play the accompanist on piano live to the film. Kulturní centrum Golf Semily, the film is starting at 20:30 h (new time!!!). November 24. Vernissage Nová Paka starting at 15 h. - pozvánka foto from Lenka Žáčková 2019: February 8th: see below

08.02.2019  Benefical concert for the final construction of the buddhistic center and monastery Rabten

Choedarling in Liberec - details will follow

Daniel Philipp Stotz - piano / Il Ponticello - Cello ensemble of Liberec / Jakub Čapka - sitar, auktion of photos from Jitka Klingerová Where: at the Library Liberec/Czech Republic When: 08.02.19 details will folllow
 mobil phone 00420 / 776 817 258
 e-mail: Daniel.Stotz@seznam.cz