Daniel Philipp Stotz
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Bach Modular  WTC Vol. 1 CD 1 Bach Modular  WTC Vol. 1 CD 2 Bach Modular  WTC Vol. 2 CD 1 Bach Modular  WTC Vol. 2 CD 2 Bach Modular Art Of The Fugue Bach Modular  Partitas 3 - 5 Bach Modular  Partita 6* Händel Modular  Suites, Fugues Händel Modular  Concerto Grossi 1-6 Händel Modular  Concerto Grossi 7-10 Modular Classics  Vol. 9 Bach, Debussy, Ravel, Scarlatti, Schubert Modular Classics  Vol. 10 Händel, Schubert, Reger, Daniel Philipp Stotz*
Schubert/Schumann Modular, Wandererfantasie, The Symphonic Etudes Op. 13, *
Daniel Philipp Stotz, OCEAN, solo piano Swadeshi, single, 3 pieces  Worldmusic
Debussy/Martinů, Scriabin Modular not available/unfinished (80 percent finished) searching for a co-producer The CD would contain: Debussy Images 1 + 2, Scriabin Etude op. 2/1, Vers la flamme, Martinů rhythm. etude + ev. more?
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NEW 6/2017: The Schubert project

In this new project I would like to record the Wandererfantasie*** and maybe some of his piano sonatas on Modular. These are also some of my favorite pieces. *** Wandererfantasie is now available on the Schumann/Schubert Modular CD togehter with the Symphonic Etudes op. 13. If you know this music you can maybe imagine how much work it would be! But without a sponsor this project cannot be realized. In case of interest please contact me.

About streaming:

Streaming is no solution for classical music. It is miserable payed. I had in my first weeks 50 000 people who

listened to my Bach Modular pieces - for all that I got only 60 dollars! It was a work for 2 years full work with a

lot of costs. So if you want to support this music please buy the CDs or become a co-producer. Thank you!