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Now all my music is only here directly available - no streaming services anymore. You may order per e-mail, payment Paypal, alternatives on request. Available now only on Flash disk/SD card and send in a smal parcel. Prices see below. Downloads only on special request. Demos of Bach Modular WTC1 below many more on YouTube - see videos page.  
Bach Modular  WTC Vol. 1 CD 1 Bach Modular  WTC Vol. 1 CD 2 Bach Modular  WTC Vol. 2 CD 1 Bach Modular  WTC Vol. 2 CD 2
Bach Modular Art of The Fugue V2
Bach Modular  Partitas 3 - 5 Bach Modular  Partita 6 Händel Modular  Suites, Fugues Händel Modular  Concerto Grossi op. 6/1-6 Händel Modular  Concerto Grossi 7-10 Modular Classics  Vol. 9 Bach, Debussy, Ravel, Scarlatti, Schubert Modular Classics  Vol. 10 Händel, Schubert, Reger, Daniel Philipp Stotz
Schubert/Schumann Modular, Wandererfantasie, The Symphonic Etudes Op. 13
Daniel Philipp Stotz, OCEAN, solo piano Swadeshi, single, 3 pieces  Worldmusic
All music you may order now only on USB Flash disk or Micro SD-Card  in uncompressed CD quality. Prices: 18.- EUR/each title**  incl. Flash 8GB (Micro SD-Card + 3 EUR)  + shipping. Prices: All first 16 titles now for 250.- EUR incl. Flash disk 16 GB All 14 Modular titles for 200.-- EUR incl. Flash disk 16 GB All film music (4 titles) for 70.- EUR incl. Flash disk 8 GB All 20 titles special price 280.- EUR incl. Flash disk 16 GB **except single Swadeshi EUR 13.- incl. Flash 8 GB, downloads EUR 20.-/title /please order per e-mail

NEW 6/2017: The Schubert project

In this new project I would like to record the Wandererfantasie*** and maybe some of his piano sonatas on Modular. These are also some of my favorite pieces. *** Wandererfantasie is now available on the Schumann/Schubert Modular CD togehter with the Symphonic Etudes op. 13. If you know this music you can maybe imagine how much work it would be! But without a sponsor this project cannot be realized. In case of interest please contact me. Unfortunately nobody is interested in this records so I cannot continue.

About streaming:

Streaming is no solution for classical music. It is miserable payed. I had in my first weeks 50 000 people who

listened to my Bach Modular pieces - for all that I got only 60 dollars! It was a work for 2 years full work with a

lot of costs. So if you want to support this music please buy the CDs or become a co-producer. Thank you!

NEW 10/2017: Chopin project

This is also one of my big vision: To record some of Chopins compositions on Modular. Of course it has no sense to record many of them because it sounds perfect on the piano, but some special pieces (f.e. some etudes) would be very nice. Again - without producer or sponsorhip nothing can be done - so any help is very welcome!
FIlm music - recordings from 2000 - 2015 Art Production Film - demos see composing page, section film and on YouTube
Film music special not for sale!


Debussy/Martinů/ Scriabin. Images I+II, Vers la Flamme, Etudes etc.
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