Daniel Philipp Stotz

The Art of Composing

Starting with improvisations and compositions very early I have now many pieces in very different styles - from Baroque until Worldmusic, Tango, film music. Most of the music are pieces for piano but also a lot with orchestra or synthesizers. In 2010 I composed my first piano concerto „The Blacksmith“.  From the more than 2000 pieces are now available round 250 pages. Prices for composing? It starts on 500 EUR for a short piano piece. See Toccata and Fugue C-Major demo on YouTube Meditation (piece for piano):
India (Worldmusic for film)
Litomyšl (piano piece 2017)
Some of my available piano works - prices see PDF right side: Available as PDF-file or normal printed paper. Order per e-mail. Good Wishes for Japan 2011 Wonderful Tokyo new 2017 24 Miniaturen, cyclus dedicated to Andrea Komárková with 24 pieces from Gregorian choral till Jazz To Rudolf Kehrer - at the honor to Prof. Rudolf Kehrer To Václav Havel - at the honor to president Václav Havel Tibet Up Tango Variations b-minor Then they don‘t know what they are doing Fuga h-minor, dedicated to Aki Kawazoe Toccata and Fugue C-Major Litomyšl (2017) Liberec (2017) Besinnung Andante Saludo a-minor 2013 Presto b-minor Two etudes op. 106 Maitreya Prelude op. 68 dedicated to Vladyslav Sendecki Presto Paris 2015 Prelude op. 90 Unor Verständnis und Frieden Meditation Insel Mira Essence Srdce Au Revoir dedicated to Lopon Tsetchu Rinpoche I remember 2001 - marche funebre. Bangen and Bangen 2 Kveten (for children) Riva (for children) Piano Concerto c-minor the Blacksmith, 3 movements
picture by Christian Hürner

Film music

As we made our own films from the age of 13 we also composed our own film music. I have now many pieces that are ideal as music for films. The composing from the scratch for a new film needs very much time so it is often more easy to adapt a film to the music that is already finished. In that way some of the best known films of Sergio Leone with the music of the fantastic master Enio Morricone were done. Also the film 2001 from Stanley Kubrick who used a lot of classical music from Richard and Johann Strauss, Ligeti etc.. I have a huge archive of my music - which was never used so far. On request I can send some samples. Please give some ideas about the genre of the film that I can make a pre selection. Please no Low- or No-budget requests - if you appreciate the art of the music.
New 4
Space Esmoll
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Beatstep 20

Film script for sale!

big ethical science fiction movie

price on request ev. co-production

Composing courses again

For interested people I can share my knowledge of 50 years composing for individuals or in groups up to 10 people here in the Czech Republic or your town. For advanced students it would be also possible to join a course over internet. Conditions: You should be able to play an instrument and read score - advantage is to have a score program (f.e. Sibelius or Dorico etc.). Prices on request please ask.
detailed list of piano works and prices (pdf)
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