Daniel Philipp Stotz
acoustic pianos vs. digital pianos
As playing piano for more than 50 years - here some arguments. Maybe it could help you if you want to buy a new piano. Many years I was obliged to practise only on digital pianos but 2007 I had the great chance to get again a grand piano - with the right room.
Still a very good thing is to RENT first a piano before buying. So you have time to decide. Also for children it is a good solution that you can see if the child has really interest in playing. But for serious practising I still recommend to rent or buy an acoustic piano. The touch response and dynamic is just never the same on digital pianos. And if you practise very hard no digital piano will hold more than about 5 - 7 years (I killed already 2 of them). Of course it depends on your possibilities of money and room*. A very good alternative is to buy a renewed piano from a master like Black & White Piano. The price is much cheaper than a new piano but it is almost like new with new mechanics, new outfit etc. They ship also worldwide. *Most of the professional players today have both - acoustic piano for playing and digital for practising in the night.
One of the renewed pianos of Black & White piano/Czech Republic
My favorite pianos are FAZIOLI pianos. They have a quiet different sound than Steinway pianos. Of course it is a matter of taste and it depends on what kind of music you play! Also Boesendorfer, Kawai and Petrof pianos I like very much. They have a very deep sound with a lot of bass. Not so good for Bach, Mozart and early classic but for romantic music and Impressionism very powerfull. See also my video PETROF PI extended bass range.